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April 1, 2011 / Brandon Giam

Questions #2 : What are your first entreprenurial challenges?.

Great Ideas +  located in Asia = Challenge # 1.

Here are some of the challenges I have now in trying to get my product up live.

  1. Technical Co Founder – There is talent here in Malaysia, but I can safely say that most do not have the time to go on idea adventures and spend 3 months creating something in which they will not see a single cent of their efforts during that time. People here are not as bold as people in America. People here are addicted to food and their monthly salary (credit to a presentation by Fred Wilson). Don’t get me wrong, my family are a product of the working system and it has given us shelter, food and education. But in terms of the boldness of an entrepreneur, Malaysia is no where near having the DNA for entrepreneurship. I am hoping to break that believe.
  2. Resources – Every month we do have this meeting called Web Camp. This is something like a tech meet up, programmers, designers, entrepreneurs (the rare ones) all come together to realize how few of us there are. Well, its a start and I am sure there will be more and more of these meet ups as the web will slowly be something everyone is a part of. As of now, the internet is my best friend, my vitamin and the relationship I am in.
  3. Mindset – It is all in the mind. Having a skill,  a talent even the money is no use without the mindset. Mindset for what?. Mindset to adaptability, mindset to open mindedness, mindset to sharing differences. Sharing your ideas is something easier said than done. Really. It came to a point where I just observe people’s reactions when I share my ideas. Its difficult to find someone who is really listening and not just hearing. This happens because their minds are close to hearing something foolish, an idea that is naive. In the other side of things, I tend to believe that everything is possible.

Do share you first entrepreneurial when you first started.

Will share my first ever start up idea with you in the next post.


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