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March 15, 2011 / Brandon Giam

Journal #3 : TechStars Boulder Application.

Just done with my TechStars Application. I think i have done my best in the application. Here are some of the things i did:

  1. Reaching out to past TS. Who else better than to ask them. The best part thing about them is they actually reply and give feedback on your application. Thanks Brett of RentMonitor, Natty of Everlater and Megan, director of The Founders on Techstars.
  2. Spend time on your application. Again, some advice from the founders themselves. Really put in the time and the effort on what your application is really saying. What does it say about your company, your founders and yourself. Read it over and over again. How does it make you feel?.
  3. Simplicity. There will be hundreds of applications. Keep it short and memorable.
  4. Video. Lucky enough that I know video animation and editing, but if you don’t, then this will be your first test as an entrepreneur : Persuading and convincing your friends to do for free. According to Nicole Glaros, Managing Director of Techstars. Her advice is  “Show me some personality!”. Again, short and simple, straight to the point, nothing flashy. Its not too late, TS NYC is coming up in May.
  5. Pray hard every day. There are hundreds of application that David, Nicole and Brad has to read. I am sure there are some uncertainty there. So pray.

That is all i have for now. Will let you know if I get accepted or not.




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