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February 23, 2011 / Brandon Giam

Journal #2 : The Idea, what next?

I promised that I would slowly introduce myself during my time writing. I am from the media background, film stuff, documentaries, commercials and the occasional corporate videos. Basically I produce them. Producing here means, there is a lot of brainstorming for the concept, from the concept to the pitch, from the pitch to budget, from budget to hiring, from hiring to planning, from planning to production, from production to post, from post to delivery. That is the summarized version of what I do (or many other producers do), but lots of client bullshit and ass kissing happens in the middle.

Being a producer, I constantly need ideas for different kinds of business when potential clients inquire for a corporate video. It is a numbers game really, clients want to see that you have thought of 5 substantial ideas and they get to say “no” to 4 of them.  Too long a story for a short blog, basically I have tonnes of ideas that are sitting in my closet. About a year ago, I have been interested in tech start ups. Digging up the ideas I had, my brain being the way its trained, came up with an idea for a tech start up.

I know now that ideas do not carry any weight at all, what should I do? Here are some challenges to consider.

  1. I am not from a tech background
  2. I am not in the United States

I think that would put me as insufficient traction, not a convincing team and geographical limitation. As for now, I wished that I have a roommate, neighbour or sibling that codes (or I could learn??)

Do tell your views on this. Thanks.


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