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February 19, 2011 / Brandon Giam

Journal #1 : Working the Network

I am now on  my 3 hour research marathon in connecting investor with investment (it has been said that investors prefer to get referral start ups from their investments, their peers or their mom) Considering where I am located at, my strategy – Connect the investor and the investment, build the relationship through emails  in hopes of getting advice ( is this that you really want) and hopefully a referral. 🙂

Here are the investors that I am trying to work around :

  1. Brad Feld (duhh!..)
  2. Fred Wilson (du’uuuhhh)
  3. David Cohen (start ups never looked so fun)
  4. Mark Suster (awesome attitude, awesome blog)
  5. Jason Calacanis (if you want criticism, he the man)
  6. Paul Graham (150k for every Y combinator company + mentorship? duhh)
  7. Farb Nivi & Naval Ravikant ( AngelList?)
  8. and the one and only Mr. McClure of 500Start Ups

Tho, there are only 9 investors (for now) but they are also the most influential individuals in the start up world. Ok, back to running for now…do tell me if I missed anything.



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