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February 19, 2011 / Brandon Giam

Emotions #1 : The High and Lows

Can’t speak for other entrepreneurs, but my high and low happens on a daily basis. There will be times when I find myself saying ” This is the best thing ever, I am gonna see this till the end! Awesome! “, then the next minute go ” What the fuck?!, This could be the silliest idea/business there is, no one will use it “.  Just multiply it by 10 and that is my normal day emotion graph.

I woke up this morning thinking the latter, hence I am writing about it. But in times like these, with so much information, advice and tips for angels and VC’s that are on the internet – they make it much easier to feel a ” high ” and a ” higher ” when they actually reply your emails. I emailed Nivi from Venture Hacks and he replied in an hour. Thanks buddy, hope to meet you one day.

I would say that I embrace everything in life quite positively, so when I am at the “Low”, I think of my motivation points (my family, my girlfriend, the little things you have that makes you lucky…my dog Panther) and what do you know? you are on the ” high ” again. Multiply it by 10 again.

Do share about your high and lows.



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