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February 18, 2011 / Brandon Giam

Question #1 : I am VERY interested in start ups, especially start ups in the States. I am based outside the United States (Malaysia) how is it possible for me to reach angels and VC’s, most of them say that they fund worldwide but how true is that?.

I listen to both This Week In Start Ups an VC and without fail the question on “Where do you fund” comes up. I hear that this reason are  Angels and VC’s prefer to have their investments close by to where they are, and also at the early stage of the start up, the company is very fragile so to speak, hence it needs the mother (the investor) to be there. Is this the reason? If so, will I be able to pitch and say that I am willing relocate to where my investors are?

I am constantly thinking of ways to network with VC’s in the States. Well if I had the money I would constantly fly for conferences and meet ups, but it’s not an option now. I currently live with my parents and I am 27 (success story in the making). Maybe I can get some feedback, to begin with I am blogging, I hear that investors love seeing momentum, so here I am now, writing my daily thoughts on my ups and downs. I am trying to work around their network of investors, by reading their blogs, blogs of their investment companies, blogs of their peers, listening to their interviews, read blogs of the interviewees, etc. Do tell me in your opinion what I should do.

Here are the blogs and podcast I make it a point to read and listen on a constant basis.

1.       Feld Thoughts, Brad Feld

2.       AVC, Fred Wilson

3.       Both Sides of the Table, Mark Suster

4.       Venture Hacks, Nivi Farb and Naval Ravikant

5.       TWI Start Ups with Jason Calacanis

6.       TWI Venture Capital with Mark Suster

Those are keeping me busy for now. Please add if there any that I missed and that you recommend.



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