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May 7, 2011 / Brandon Giam

Virgin Resource #4 : A Non Tech Savvy Web Entrepreneur?

Coming from a completely different background, I realize that I knew next to nothing when i first thought of my start up. And I am sure that some of you may be wondering what the next step is, after the genesis of your idea. They always say “In the tech world, your idea means NOTHING”. That said, go through this post and you can begin your journey on the right step.

May 3, 2011 / Brandon Giam

Virgin Resource #3 : First Time Entrepreneur? fear not. Read this.

Being a first time entrepreneur is extremely daunting, but what keeps me motivated and the ability to overcome the many many unknown task ahead is the confidence and my believe in my idea. Yes, there will more often that not that people around you cannot see what your vision and you get a negative feedback in return. An article on Fred Wilson’s blog reveals much truth about us as first time entrepreneurs.

If you are a virgin entrepreneur like me, read this.

April 27, 2011 / Brandon Giam

Emotions #3 : An Entrepreneurs Reality

I am usually not emotional. In the past, when shit happens, shit happens. But now, when shit happens, I tend to get a little emotional. For example, recently my rich uncle bailed out on investing in my start up. I didn’t really mind the harsh reality of the fickle mind, but what really pissed me off was, he said that he had ‘other’ commitments to attend to, like ‘paying for his son’s wedding dinner ceremony’. Like what the fuck??.

Isn’t your son, my cousin already 28 years old??, and he needs you to pay for his wedding??. C’mon!. Its really enough that your parents had to grow your sorry ass up and now you need your father to help you secure a wife on paper???. This is so so pissing off.

Anyways, that was one of my harsh reality true story. This is an article that illustrates the list of harsh realities that an entrepreneur faces. Enjoy and be strong.

April 23, 2011 / Brandon Giam

Virgin Resource #2 : Ask your questions on Quora & Sprouter

Being a first time entrepreneur, I personally have TONNES of questions regarding my start up. Especially being based in a country where start ups are not common. Malaysia. BUT!, with the internet now, there is no excuse to not have the same resource as someone from SF or the valley. I personally find this 2 sites really informative. You ask, it gets answer. Not from one, but from everyone and anyone.

  1. Quora
  2. Sprouter

The answers are from experienced entrepreneurs, angels and VC’s. So, I think its the most reliable answers to your questions out there. If you need a referral for Quora, let me know.

April 23, 2011 / Brandon Giam

Virgin Resource #1 : Venture Hacks, All Top Start Ups & On Start Ups

With the recent start up boom, there are many sites out there that give start up advice. Thanks to these guys, we start up virgins have no excuse to not take our start up to success levels. I look forward to reading them everyday and I look forward to the day where I can meet the writers in person ; To pick their brains.

Here is a list I am hooked on for now :

  1. Venture Hacks – Nivi and Naval the founders, are one of the most influential angels.
  2. All Top Start Ups – I find the reading on this blog, easy and enjoyable
  3. On Start Ups – Very informative read.

Do share, and I mean, please share your own start up resource so everyone can benefit from it. Thanks.

April 23, 2011 / Brandon Giam

Journal #10 : Do More Faster. What considers ‘Fast’?

I got to be honest. I have never been the type of person where I constantly speak about myself, my adventures, my troubles, my achievements, etc to others. I would say that I am open at times, but most of the times I am pretty reserve. So, writing my post in the past was challenging as I had to learn to open up. If that is a challenge, then what more if there is nothing to write about?. Let me try to see if I can come up with something now. Usually, when you start writing, thoughts will just begin to pop up like mushrooms.

My entrepreneurial journey has been slow so far. What I mean by ‘slow’ is, I would love to things to happen faster, quicker ‘rejections’, quicker feedback, quicker development, etc. Then again, being a first time tech entrepreneur, what is fast? and what is slow?. Hopefully you are able to share how your tech venture started in the context of fast and slow.

On my part, I have purchased ‘Do More Faster‘ by David Cohen and Brad Feld. My books are not here yet. I really hope some of my answers will be in there.

Here is a link to Fred Wilson’s post about the book as well.

April 7, 2011 / Brandon Giam

Journal #9 : Reaching Out

Being a first time entrepreneur can be really frustrating (challenging). But excess to resource, advice and capital seems to be easier now. Angels have been replying my mails. I really didn’t expect them to reply them at all. I always thought “They have hundreds of emails a day, Why answer mine?”. But they did. And I would like to give credit to the entrepreneurs and angels that have replied my mails.

  1. Brett from RentMonitor
  2. Natty from Everlater
  3. Nicole Glaros of TechStars (her blog)
  4. Andrew Warner of Mixergy
  5. David Tisch of TechStar NYC
  6. Leah Culver of Convore
  7. Nivi of Venturehacks
  8. and not forgetting Megan of

It’s an awesome feeling to have those mail replied. They are super nice if you are super nice. I know that I am a virgin entrepreneur, but what I have learnt so far is, to reach out to as many people as possible. Introduce yourself, do not ask for money, advice is worth more in time, follow up with less annoying but genuine updates and always do your homework before reaching out.